Edit ID3 tags in MIUI Music?


Nov 13, 2010
In the release notes, under Music, it mentioned adding the ability to edit ID3 tags. I've been all over the Music app and even tried File Explorer, and I can't find the option to edit anything. Am I missing something, or was this feature not added, after all?
while is selected song playing, pres menu on the screen with lyrics or current playlist and select "search song info" then you can select "Edit ID3 Info" or donwload lyrics etc.
Thanks. Unfortunately, it failed to edit my tags every time. Plus, you can only edit the artist, album, and sing title. I need to edit the track number, too. Oh, well...
yeah disappointed as well. hopefully it keeps getting polished
Yes, its not good as we expected. I'm disappointed too :( but its definitely step forward.

I'd like to edit also an album year, track number etc.

So maybe later.. :) I hope

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