Embedded Album Art


Mar 20, 2012
Is there any reason why my embedded album art doesn't show on a lot of songs in MIUI music? I have show embedded art turned on, all song tagged as ID3v1 and ID3 v2.3. Only certain songs display their art, while many other don't. Tags are also displaying the wrong info on some songs even after refresh

Any help appreciated

UPDATE: Ok I figured that single songs need to have a different 'Album' name in the tag otherwise the art work doesn't show up properly. With no album at all inputted in the ID3, then it chooses the album art from one random song displays it for every tune and randomly pics the name of a different random song and titles the album 'music' and lists that artist name under as the album name WTF!. Pretty retarded really but seems to be the same for the google music player too.
Yeah think doubletwist do this too and it sucks since all the albums i think got some album art :D But gonna try to check there id3 tag :)