In Progress Emoji Bug still on miui !! how to fix it ??

Oct 21, 2011

but the bug is till there !! you say its been fixed on the close thread but its still there mate :( !?
and here is the picture !! the emoji still dont show up !!

confirmed this is now working, tested on Maguro (Galaxy Nexus)

As connor suggested clear data and cache from MMS via the app manager in settings, then reboot and wipe dalvik and cache partition. Then reboot as normal.
Oct 21, 2011
This bug is not with maguro its on Xperia S and maybe x one and s3 but with Xperia S didnt fixed for sure :)

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Apr 2, 2011
Just want to add that I also see no emoji.. On GS3, 2.11.30 multi:

It seems they're activated on some phones and not on others..
Changing the bools.xml value from false to true in the mms.Apk only activates the extra tabs in the bottom, but still no emojis showing. So it's in the framework or something, not in the mms app itself besides that bool value. Using fonts from a device that it works on, still doesn't fix it.

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Jun 25, 2013
hope you will find somthing this time :(
while searching for the same issue about the MMS apk not displaying some emoji icons, i came across this thread and this one other. while it worked for my version of MIUI/ROM. you could give it a try:

which points to this thread:

quoted: (fix emoji icons on MMS)
To install:
1)Download the droidsansfallback.7z file to your computer
2)Uncompress the file and move the droidsansfallback.ttf to your SDCard somewhere
3)Go /system/fonts with root explorer
4)Click "Mount R/W" at the top
5)Long-press on Droidsansfallback.ttf and click delete and then Yes to confirm
7)Navigate back to where you placed the droidsansfallback.ttf
8)Long-press on droidsansfallback.ttf and click "Move"
9)Go back to /system/fonts
10)Click "Paste" at the bottom

download the zip file from:

hope this helps.