Enable Oem-options On A Bricked Mi Pad 2

Jan 11, 2016
I Incorrectly selected CWM/TWRP during a SuperSU flash. Now, I am not able to get the pad into fastboot or recovery. For the recovery option, I only see the Recovery Header line with the battery icon, and it quickly turns off again after a couple of seconds.

Is there any way to remove the encryption fastboot or can someone from miui community build a custom rom with the OEM unlocked..??

My fastboot is in verified status, and i cannot unlock oem as i didn´t unlock oem on developer options previously.


Fastboot getvar all command gives me this message:

fastboot getvar all
(bootloader) board: Xiaomi Inc Mipad 4
(bootloader) device-state: verified
(bootloader) boot-state: GREEN
(bootloader) firmware: Byosoft Corporation MIPad-P4.X64.0017.R03.1511251
(bootloader) product-name: Mipad2
(bootloader) secureboot: yes
(bootloader) off-mode-charge: 1
(bootloader) unlocked: no

I can lock the OEM and turn it back to "verified status", but not to unlock mode
Mipad 2 drivers below:

They need to be installed in the following order:
1 iSocUSB Driver
2 IntelAndroidDriver
3 PhoneFlashTool
Miflash version 20151028 works well and finishes the process, but when installing the ROM it gets stucked around 90% ofthe progress bar. After that mipad2 restarts after logo miui and inmeditaley appears the black screen (with light in the background)

Please help..!!
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