English dictionary for english keyboard


Feb 12, 2011
I m just wondering if someone can help me to get english dictionary for keyboard for htc desire. As I m sick n tired typing up all words.

Happy enough to get replies

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I am already using htc_ime keyboard,android keyboard but I need any dictionary file which I can upload for more custom words or for more predoctive words

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if what you're looking for is the stock android keyboard dictionary (for the keyboard that comes with MIUI), a solution is to install "gingerbread keyboard" from the Android market.. something happened lately to the way the Android keyboard works with its dictionary.

there's actually a way to do this that fixes the original keyboard, by reflashing the keyboard apk that comes with CyanogenMod 7, and that's what I did. But if you're not comfortable using root explorer to copy the extracted apk from the cm7 zip to your system apps folder, and using root explorer to fix its permissions, then reboot, the easy work around for now is to just install the gingerbread keyboard from the market.