English Rom for M1

Geoff Hill

Jul 6, 2012
The m key is the camera button at least if you hold it in when you are using the phone it starts the camera app and if you are using the camera it can take the pictures :) its the button on the buttom right side of the phone :)

SUCCESS!!!!!!! Wonderful thanks for all your help you've made my day. Now to put it all down in simple terms so that other idiots like me can do the same. Do you think it would be a good idea if I put it all together for anyone else to have a try.
Take care


Mar 29, 2012
Yeah i can type up a new guide with the different methods that people with the Xiaomi Mi-one M1/C1 can use :)
Really happy it worked out for you :)
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Geoff Hill

Jul 6, 2012
No probs have a look at this and see what you think. If it's okwe can post it in a new thread

Recently, I bought a Xiaomi Mi-One C1 phone which is brilliant except it comes with a Chinese version of Miui. This is for those of you that want the English Version. (for those of you that are gifted I apologise for the simplistic writing but this is for the likes of me as well)
First of we have to check to see what's on the phone but lets put it into English first off to make things easier.
  • Select Setting button (home screen) six choices, choose six (system settings)
  • Two buttons on the top select the right hand one
  • There are four blocks of settings, go to block four
  • In block four second down (A in a square) select again four blocks
  • Block one, first setting, press and select English
That’s the temporary language sorted.
Next up what version of Miui are we running, mine came with Gingerbread (GB) but we want Ice Cream Sandwhich (ICS)
  • Updater App >Settings >About Phone. Android version 4 (ICS) method one or version 2 (GB) method two.
Method One
  • First off download “update.zip” from this website and check Md5 (checksum) against the code in table one.
  • Remove SD card from phone and mount in Windows PC using card reader or just connect the phone via USB (USB is easier)
  • In windows, browse to the root of the SD card and transfer the file “update.zip to the root (you used to have to rename the file “miuiandroid_mione-2.3.9-ICS.zip ” to “update.zip” but this is no longer required as the file is now called “update.zip” when you download it)
  • Either reinsert the SD card in the phone or disconnect the USB. If using USB method shut the phone down and if using SD card in PC leave the phone shut down.
That is the first part done.
  • Power on phone and boot into recovery (hold down volume up and press the power button to turn on, don’t release volume up until the recovery menu is displayed – takes about 7 seconds.
  • Navigate the menus in recovery using the volume keys to highlight option and the power button to select highlighted option.
  • Select Language (English for me)
  • Main menu >Wipe&Reset >Wipe Cache then >Wipe User Data, then >Wipe All Data and lastly >Update System Partition (you should have gotten a smiley face saying updated system partition and if you do it a second time for some reason it should give you a smiley face and already updates system partition) >Back to Main-menu.
  • Main menu >Install update.zip to System One >Yes (takes about 3 minutes).
  • Main menu >Reboot >Reboot to System One (takes about 3 minutes to boot into OS)
  • Once in MIUI, use the “Updater” App to flash the “update.zip” ROM from within MIUI,
  • Open “Updater App” then Settings >Select installation pack.
  • Browse to “update.zip” and select.
  • Select >Update Now
  • >Begin Update.
Should be job done.
Method Two
  • update.zip” from this website and check Md5 (checksum) against the codes
  • Unzip and install “MiFlash
  • Unzip The millet phone Standard Edition MI-one Plus
  • Connect the phone via USB
  • In windows, browse to the root of the SD card and transfer the file “update.zip to the root. (leave the USB connected)
End of part one
  • Power off the phone
  • Hold “down volume”, “camera” buttons, press the “power” button and hold all three until “fastbboot” loads
  • In “MiFlash” browse for the unzipped The millet phone Standard Edition MI-one Plus folder.
  • Select the refresh button (your phone will be found)
  • Select flash and leave it to load (it will take a little while)
  • We now have ICS on the phone albeit in Chinese
End of part two
  • Follow guide in beginning reference English setting
  • Open updater App >settings >select installation pack
  • Search for “update.zip” and select
Job done
Many thanks to Blackstones without whom I would of got nowhere. This is his work which I have just put all together in one place.
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Mar 29, 2012
That is the first part done.: you could maybe add that you have to do this on system two also if you want to use miuiandroid.com's miui release on both systems.

It seems that your link to download "The millet phone Standard Edition MI-one Plus MIUIv4 stable version” has 2 links to the same place :)

And you might also wanne link to the original xiaomi guide for wire brush (brush tool) since it has a lot of pictures and more detailed information :)
The original xiaomi guide: http://translate.googleusercontent....2.html&usg=ALkJrhjxi1O0If2d0X3T1bf6gWOOUUXwKA it has links for all the tools and software needed to flash the phone

maybe it should say method 2 is only recommended if method 1 do not work for you :)

It looks really good what you have written and think it would help people having problems updating there phone :)