Favorite widgets?


Feb 6, 2011
What are your favorite widgets? I used to have a ton of widgets before switching to MIUI but the only two widgets I would really like to see would be 1) A Facebook widget similar to Launcher Pro's and 2) A calendar widget similar to Launcher Pro's and so far I have been unsuccessful at finding either.

Edit: Pure Calendar Grid widget is very similar to Launcher Pro's and seems to have more functionality in most areas. The only thing it doesn't seem to do is switch between task and agenda view like Launcher Pro. Overall I'm satisfied with it.

Edit: Pure Messenger provides a very nice scrollable and skinnable Facebook widget
I seriously am waiting for some official MIUI widgets, because I'd rather use the stock launcher than Launcher Pro Plus.
I agree. I like the stock launcher better as it seems a little smoother. The Facebook widget with Launcher Pro is still slightly better than anything else out there though. But yeah I would love some official MIUI widgets... that would be badass.

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