files not deleting properly on MIUI 12


Dec 22, 2020
In the past 2 months or so I have had this issues where the 64G of my xiaomi mi 8 is being bloated by "other files". They appear predominantly when I delete large video files, so I strongly suspect there is a problem in the MIUI 12 with deleting files properly. Specifically, the moment I delete a large video file, the size of my "Video" files goes down and the size of my "Other Files" goes up by the same amount. Yet there is nowhere in the file manager that I can find the file anymore so I do not know how to delete it.
At some point my phone becomes 99% full and the only thing that fixes it then is to do a full reset to factory settings, which solves the issue, but then once again the "other files" start to accumulate. Sadly, "other files" also seems to be immune to both the native cleaner and deep cleaner apps that come with the system. What should I do?