Fingerprint stopped working. Need advice switching to


Jun 19, 2022
Hello, i've got the Mi 11 Lite 5G running on MIUI-V12.5.6.0.RKIEUXM & looking into switching to Rom for the following reason:

Two weeks ago the fingerprint sensor stopped working. It worked like 1 out of 20 tries & suddenly stopped working completely.
I couldn't setup a new fingerprint & after disabling fingerprint unlocking, the option for fingerprints vanished from my phone completely. I searched for updates but im already on the latest. I reinstalled the latest update but it didn't helped.
I've seen posts on Reddit from a bunch of people with the same problem. Alot of them say it's definitely a software problem. Some sent their devices in, got a sensor swap & it worked for a couple weeks, then the same problem occured.

So, my question is, does anybody on here got some experience with this problem?
Would switching to fix the fingerprint sensor problem & which version would you recommend? MIUI 12 or 13?
And do banking apps still work with

Thanks in advance to anybody willing to help.
I don't wanna go through the hassle of sending my device in, waiting 5 weeks for it to return, just to get the same problem after a couple weeks again.
It's a common hardware problem with Mi 11 lite devices, theres no software fix, you gotta change power button.