First Xiaomi Device - Thoughts

Feb 2, 2016

Initial thoughts on the Redmi Note 3....I have been working in mobile software for 15 years both at big name firms as well as at numerous startups.

Long time Android fan and I have used most Android flavors and phones. I wanted to get a 'duel sim' phone and the Redmi Note 3 seemed like very good 'bang for the buck'.

I have to say I am very impressed and pleased with the hardware - good stuff. Very solid, snappy and nice phone. I am pleased. Love duel sim...

I am not happy with this flavor of Android at all though. Lots of bugs and issues. These include:
  • The device does not remember 'accessibility' settings. I set it to allow apps like LastPass to have access and it constantly resets the app to not have permission. Very annoying.
  • Many widgets freeze or do not work - these include the very popular 'Beautiful Widget' and 'WiFi Manager' apps / widgets
  • Pocketcast is very unstable.
  • Not happy with the MIU apps and wish I could delete them
All in all I would probably not recommend the phone to friends in the USA or UK. The software is just not stable enough. I have seen much better stability in Cyanogenmod as well as Samsung, Motorola, Google and LG versions of Android. Really disappointed as the hardware seems very nice.

I will keep trying to get my device to work well....but it should not be this hard to get a stable OS to work with popular apps. Thanks for listening!
Feb 12, 2016
What version of the rom do you have? If you bought from an online vendor, you probably have a trojan pre-release unofficial rom, which seriously compromises the phone...
check under settings/my phone and so on