1. N

    New Xiaomi Watch S1 Can't receive specific notification

    Hi everyone, I've had a Xiaomi Watch S1 for a while, and it has been working fine. but I've noticed that the watch can't receive notifications from some apps. (I have notification also with phone screen turned on) for example, if I start a song on Spotify I get a notification on my phone, but my...
  2. S

    New Lisa Hyper Os bugs

    Hey guys, I noticed a few mistakes with Lisa, maybe someone has an idea. First I noticed that in the meantime the phone randomly reboots After that, a few apps are no longer visible, like YouTube Music. However, when I reinstall them via APK, it says update and not install. then I noticed that...
  3. fukkjoao

    New Redmi Note 12 4G Tapas Bugs

    some issues/bugs i noticed on miui.eu for redmi note 12 4g tapas 1. Animations with a lot of lag sometimes with gesture bar, when i close the app it's like the gesture fails and the launcher kinda blink. 2. When clicking the power button to turn off the screen, the screen flashes...
  4. TechNo1geek

    New 5G on 14.0.9 feature with bugs

    This is more of a feature with side of bugs, On Mi 11 Ultra 14.0.9 I can use 5G network for Telstra carrier in Australia, But when I upgraded to 14.0.11 It gave me the usual 5G. MMS doesn't work either. But that's fine because I can use another Sim card. I really want to know what feature or bug...
  5. C

    Resolved A problem in the latest version of Rom | Not booting (Sunny, Mojito)

    An update appeared in the update app with the name: xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote10_V14.0.8.0.SKGMIXM_v14-12.zip. Before starting the installation it said it was a ROM rebuild of the original version. I did the normal update process by going through TWRP. However, when restarting for boot, it does not...
  6. G

    [Fixed] Xiaomi Pro 13 on Nuwa 14.0.28 eu rom stable - google play problems

    Hello everyone, first post here. I plugged in the phone to charge before sleeping last night and restarted the phone for the heck of it. When I woke up, all seemingly is well except some apps feel corrupted. Firefox and chrome cant connect to the internet. Some system apps/settings load into a...
  7. iameffat

    Some Serious Issues/Bugs on Note 12 4G Tapas

    Hello Awesome Xiaomi Dev Community. I am facing some serious issues after installing the EU Rom. My Device: Redmi Note 12 4G (Tapas) Problems I faced in EU ROM: 1. In Wallpaper Section "Super Wallpaper", When I apply these wallpaper and try to turn off my screen to see the AOD, Then...
  8. R

    my phone is not connecting to computer and not getting updates

    My phone is in miui 13 version, I wanted to install 14 manually, but it was like the attached and it booted back up normally, I tried to connect it to the computer and it shows as unknown device even though I installed all the drivers
  9. F

    New SOLVED | Google map gyroscope issue Redmi K60(Mondrian)

    There are some problem with the google map gyroscope. I am trying to turn to the east, west, 360 but the gyroscope on google map are not functioning. Already trying update the google map to the latest version, reinstall the application but still not functioning. Current version of rom is...
  10. E

    Invalid Problems with Redmi note 11E pro

    A few days ago I bought the new redmi note 11e pro but it won't let me update the operating system, apart from being a multilanguage Chinese version it won't let me install applications like instagram, does anyone know of a solution?
  11. decipher895

    How do i erase all data trough pc?

    Hello, my Pad 5 doesn't work properly and i wanna wipe all data but i cant do it in miui recovery. It will say failded to wipe data. Can somebody help?
  12. datfatty

    From Global Stable to xiaomi eu

    I have many questions to ask before I decide to unlock bootloader and install xiaomi.eu ROM 1. I have read that there still no official custom recovery for Redmi 9t, Twrp nor Orange? And I could find any where someone talking about how to install custom recovery on Redmi 9t, is there any...
  13. C

    Serious bugs in mi 11 ultra 14.0.6?

    runs the 14.0.6 for mi 11 ultra stable without serious bugs
  14. J

    New Redmi note 11 (spes) v13.0.5 bugs i found so far.

    While having an ongoing video call, there are shadows on the edge of my front camera punch hole that's meant to not capture pixel lights on my camera. but as i have observed, the punchole shadow is inconsistent, and is only enabled on its own apps. instant apps doesn't work. when opening a link...
  15. G

    New Gallery Editor bug

    Hello, so I noticed a bug with the Gallery editor after updating to the latest MIUI 13.0.5 EU on my X3 Pro. I'll have to re-download some module every time I use the Gallery app editor function ( Sky, Eraser,....). This bug also appears in the Gallery Recommended tab as well. And of course, if I...
  16. K

    Invalid Xiaomi 12s ultra revolut not opening 13.0.8

    After flashing ROM with stable 13.0.8 ROM i tried multiple times to open revolut and it gets stuck on picture identification. I tried multiple bank applications and they work just fine I tried clearing cache redownloading and restarting and nothing seems to work does anyone have a solution on this
  17. D


    Hello. İ have some bugs and questions. 1. İ have less battery time in poco x3 nfc Xiaomi eu 13 rom. How can i fix it? 2. When i update google play system device restarts twice and back to old system update september 2021. Why? 3. Sometimes after restart notification volume go down to 50%. How to...
  18. J

    Invalid POCO X3 NFC MIUI V13.0.1 UI BUGS

    There are many UI bugs I noticed in this latest MIUI v13.0.1 update after I dirty flash and clean flash. 1st When I rotate my phone in landscape mode the control cards are not fixed I have to scroll down to turn on/access my other toggles. 2nd bug is the launchers A-Z scrollbar, 3rd after the...
  19. MiguelVFX

    Resolved MIUI 13.0.2 by xiaomi.eu is not working properly in SPES

    MIUI 13.0.2 by xiaomi.eu is not working properly in SPES. Features that are present in SPESN are missing in SPES. It is impossible to change the screen refresh rate (there is no such option in the configuration), and even putting the SPES in battery saver mode does not change the refresh rate...
  20. 1

    New Some Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE bugs

    1. Sometimes MIUI launcher unloading itself, and when closing app or unlocking phone you need to wait some time before it fully load. (like after reboot) 2. Like MIUI launcher, App Vault unloading too. (maybe cause of MIUI optimization) 3. It's not quite a bug, but I noticed that fingerprint...