1. jkriyabd

    New Sunlight Issue (Major Bug)

    Device : Redmi Note 11 4G (Spes) Rom: HMNote11 ( Bug: Display automatic changed to grey colour and contrast go up and down every time. i checked all the option by turning off and on bit still the bug facing, all the rest everything is good & stable... working fine.
  2. Godl1nk

    Invalid XiaoAI aka xiaomi voice assistant bug

    Phone model: Poco F3 MIUI version: = 22.2.19_v13-12 Problem im facing: So, i installed Xiami's voice assistant Mi Ai aka 小爱同学, when i try to open the app, it will close immediately. like open and close immediately not giving me a chance to even click anything or take a look. No errors reported...
  3. M

    New .

  4. J


    The new battery modes: powerful, balanced and performance don't working the menu is back to the classic version, the status bar button to performance mode don't work also of memory extension maybe don't work. In copy and restore the restore options don't work with system app as launcher...
  5. M

    New Scanner app failed

    When trying to start the Scanner app in the Rom of xiaiomi.eu it closes without explanation
  6. M

    Invalid Can't use camera. (Redmi note 8 pro)

    For some reason , i can't use my camera's anymore on other apps although I gave them permission. It happened ever since i got the update two days ago and honestly I'm not sure what to do. The only app that the camera is working on is the Default camera app. Please, I need some help.
  7. M

    Invalid Can't use another camers apps besides Xiaomi's Camera's app.

    Although apps like instagram , snapchat and more got permission from me , the camera doesn't seem to work anymore beside the camera's default app. I already gave the apps permission but it keeps on asking for one.
  8. M

    New Note 7 | 12.5 | Stable

    The control center appears on the lock screen, although it is stopped from settings, and the privacy lab section is not working. The partial screen shot feature is also missing. I think the problem is in the MiuiSystemUI app Has anyone tried the modification on it and got positive results?
  9. H

    Problema con MIUI 12.5 21.3.3 BETA SEMANAL EN MI NOTE 10

    Good afternoon everyone, I have recently bought second-hand, a Xiaomi MI Note 10 in impeccable condition, complete and boxed. The issue that when I see the ROM that it brings is precisely the EU 12.5 weekly beta, 21.3.3, which has many bugs and lags. My question is, how do I improve that? Is...
  10. D

    Invalid Mobile network (LTE logo) not showing up on top of signal bars

    When I activate mobile network, no logo shows on top of the signal bars. The mobile network is configured correctly and I tried to reset settings. Also tried manual configuration. Still the logo does not show up and I can not use mobile network. I am using Redmi Note 10, global rom. I have...
  11. N

    New Bug Report

    Freeze in power menu , Hmk20 pro/mi 9T pro android 11 beta
  12. Ginsen

    New Battery bug

    Hello guys, so two days ago i leave my phone to charge, after I got out, I noticed after couple hours of using the phone, it keeps showing 100% battery, next day it was the same, then this day I noticed my phone blinking, perhaps it has 0% left, in deed the phone had no more battery. I put it to...
  13. D

    Storage "Not found"

    Hello developers, what's wrong with the the last 2 updates (12.1.2 and 12.1.3) for pocophone F2 Pro? Mine, our phones have several problems that I would like you to solve. I'll tell you a few: When I open the file manager the app crashes and now when i open it, it says "disconnected". I...
  14. F

    Invalid SD Card issue and Java error

    Hi everyone, I bought a Redmi Note 9 Pro 2 months ago. Last week I was taking photos and when I was at home, I realized that the phone had stopped saving the photos I was taking in the middle of the trip because I chose to save them on the SD Card. Now, after I restarted the phone and ejected...
  15. A

    Bugs after upgrading from 12.0.8 to 12.1.3

    I have some problems after upgrading to Android 11 on Mi 10: I do not receive notifications in Telegram app. Messenger bubbles closes when I'm typing in them. Gmail are not updated automatically (but the sync is activated), I have to update manually myself. Can someone help me?
  16. D

    Xiaomi Mijia 1080P 170° Smart IP Camera MJSXJ02HL

    A great piece of hardware with two major bugs that makes it useless: 1) It stops recording at 19:00 (Greece time) every day and needs rebooting to work only after 00:00. 2) Surveillance motion assistant doesn't work at all most of the day...
  17. O

    New MIUI 12, 4 bugs for mi 8 lite.

    Everyone hello, 4 bugs found. so I wanted to open a subject. İf bad english, sorry I learned a little. MIUI 12 beta xiaomi.eu version: 20.5.14 Mi 8 lite phone MIUI 12 beta xiaomi.eu last version is installed 1. Notification bug: While playing, WhatsApp notification has arrived. but the texts...
  18. dennis0302

    My Experience with MIUI EU 20.5.14 after using it for 1 day

    Now we're into the third release of MIUI EU. Things are good, apparently. I'm going to skip the nice parts and go straight to the things that aren't fixed. 1. Full Screen Gestures animation - Gestures doesn't work after enable (reboot needed) - Things are smooth during the first use, without...
  19. ectoruseff5416

    New BUGS I found till now in MIUI 12 EU [ v20.5.7 ]

    BUGS I found till now in MIUI 12 EU [ v20.5.7 ] Google pay showing "sim card not inserted" 'My data' icon sometimes disappearing/stuttering in Control center No sound recorded in apps like telegram and sound recorder from mic (when 'Hey Google' in google settings is enabled) Brightness slider...
  20. dennis0302

    My Experience with MIUI EU 20.5.7 after using it for 3 days

    Another week, another MIUI EU update. I gonna say this is a way better release than the last one. Here are the things I noticed that were fixed: 1. Some animation stutter here and there 2. Volume slider 3. Translation on some untranslated parts of the software 4. Cleaner app fc 5. Super...