Formatted SD card as internal storage; original internal storage became inaccessible


Aug 31, 2021
SD card suddenly corrupted and have to format it. I mindlessly chose the option to format as internal storage. Now, it asks me to move files from internal storage to sd card. I chose yes because I was curious as this is the first time I encountered this. Now, I suspect the process somehow failed but is recognized as completed. My SD card now became my internal storage, and my internal storage is locked out and inaccessible. For example, file viewing is not available in Xiaomi's file manager. It says disconnected and doesn't load. The size of the internal storage is viewable via files by google app, but the storage itself is inaccessible, nothing happens when you tap it.

I've searched around and saw that a possible fix is to format the sd card as portable storage, but I cannot do it. The phone treats the sd card as the internal storage, it only shows the "internal storage" which is actually the sd card, and no sd card.