Fpse Playstation emulator menu issue


Nov 28, 2010
Hi everyone! I was trying to use the new PSX Emulator : Fpse. Unfortunately there is a bug about this. If I try to access the emulator's menu, buttons doesn't appears on menu bar, so I can't access none of the options (I can't even close the program by itself, and I have to press home and close it from task manager). Anyone have experienced this issue and have a solution, or can help me in some way? Many thanks!

PS : My device is an HTC HD2, mounting a MIUI stock ROM 1.24
PS2 : The problem is not the theme cause I tryed several of them but the problem persists.
I seem to be experiencing the same problem, and cannot find a fix anywhere.

If anyone does have any info or a fix then please let us know!! This emulator is awesome!!

P.S I've been upgrading my HD2 weekly so its all versions as far as I know!!!
the only way to get it to work is to set menu type in grid.. it seems that, since fpse buttons are images, it wont work in list menu...