[Tutorial] PlayIntegrity + Root


Jul 14, 2020
A small step by step tutorial how to get Play Integrity and root on HyperOS.
GWallet and Niantic games working.
(tested with FUXI on

• Download "Kitsune Magisk" - rename .apk to .zip and flash with twrp
• Boot ROM and complete root within Kitsune Magisk app
• reboot

• Open Kitsune App > Settings > "Hide Magisk App"
• Settings > enable "zygisk"
• Settings > enable "MagiskHide"

• Download and install "Play Integrity Fix by chiteroman" module
• Update "Xiaomi.eu Inject App" from SystemUpdater inside settings app or download from sourceforge
• reboot

• Download newest Google PlayStore + Google Services from
apkmirror , clear data from app and update

• Download and install "LSposed" module
• Do not install apk or deinstall LSposed app and use parasitic
manager instead

Hope this will help
* Note: Play Integrity will pass but not Storage Integrity (should be no problem for now)

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@AM3471 this should work with any app, although I cannot promise it it's very likely it will work with your app

@shadowz1337 The module doesn't create this folder anymore so it's not necessary to do anything now
I have problem, i cannot open gwallet, when i press ok its not opening, i reinstalled gwallet but nothing changes, please help


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Do not cross-post. It is better to read more than to write.;) This is how you get information for the future.
I'll give you a solution, but you won't like it. ;)
If you can't figure it out yourself, don't use root.
Unroot and use the ROM as the developers made it.
Just out of curiosity, have you enabled the Google Play Service app to access SMS as I wrote?
Because Google can't verify your wallet without an image.