Galaxy S Contacts Problem


May 11, 2011
Hello Miui developers.

Firstly, let me congratulate you on your work, I have had 15 - 20 Roms since having my Galaxy S and this will be the one I stick with. I am running at up to 1.4 Ghz on the latest TK Glitch ROM and it is stable...a first!


I am on the latest 2.3.4 update (downloaded from the MIUI app in the phone) and now I can read my Ext SD card, so thank you for sorting that out.

But I cannot seem to be able to select any of my contact (only recent contacts) when I want to compose a text message. I have to go to my contacts, then select send SMS which is not a major flaw but a bit of an inconvenience.

Obviously, I also have the well documented problem with banding on the MIUI Stock camera, it is very choppy and doesn't record on HD either.

I have tried to install the stock Galaxy S camera.apk and it just crashes when I click on the app. I have tried to flash the zip through recovery and it asks me for edify script - when I found a flashable stock galaxy zip and installed I have the same problem.

I am definately not complaining, far from it. I was just wondering if there are any plans to fix these SMALL issues with an EXCELLENT PIECE OF SOFTWARE?

Keep up the good work!