New Game Turbo issue on weekly rom


Feb 20, 2016
Hi, I have started to experience force closes and restarts of the app, when I am using Game Turbo with resource heavy games, like Call Of Duty Mobile. The game just randomly closing and drops me back to the Game Turbo game selection list, where I can re-launch the game and loosing all my previous point while I was in a match, and getting penalty, because I left the game! I closed all the apps in the background, still at least 3GB free RAM left and plenty of storage place. The phone is a rooted Poco F2 Pro International version with Android 11 ROM: 20.12.10. Weekly Build. The same game on the official EU ROM (Android 10) works flawlessly and no force closes of the app. I tried formatting, resetting and even reflashing the device, but same issue occurs.