Getting back AudioFX


Jul 18, 2018
Hello everyone,
i have a Mi5 with your awesome Xiaomi.EU rom (MI5_V9.5.2.0.NAACNFA_v9-7.0), which is really amazing for me.

I tried to disable the "stock" AudioFX with Kunkunsoft's Root Uninstaller (just disabled it, didn't want to uninstall it), in order to try a modded Viper4Android ("Divine Beats", got on XDA) to see if there was a nice improvement.
Unfortunately, i wasn't able to get that working (even trying install Viper4Android module on Magisk), but now, after had uninstalled everything of it and checked if everything was clean as before (done wipe of cache and dalvik cache everytime i flashed in recovery too), i need to restore the original AudioFX in Xiaomi.EU rom.

Now i try to do a dirty flash to get that back (i hope), but could someone give me all necessary files to get AudioFX back, please? If possible a flashable zip package, so i'll go in recovery and flash it, to get everything back as the stock Xiaomi.EU rom.

Thank you!

EDIT: Dirty Flashed the same rom and got back audio when calling! But i hear a lot of difference without AudioFX (especially when listening to music). Hope someone can help me getting that back (even just telling me the exact name of that AudioFX which i don't remember)! THANK YOU
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