New Google Nexus S with ICS

Feb 26, 2012
Hi all,

I would like a help in order to understand why my miui is so slow! I usually do the updates. Now I have the 2.6.8. I downloaded 2.9.29, but it had some bugs.

Well, my point is about how I can make it work fast. Like, if I touch to dial button.. it takes 2 - 3 seconds to open the dial screen and more 2 seconds to load the history dial.
When I shout down an app it takes 4 seconds to come back to the home screen.

I usually dont leave app running on the backgroung. because it cam gets worse...

I removed pics, music, stupid apps, but it still slow!

In the "file explorer" shows that I have about 7 GB of Misc files... Most of them a file called radio_dump_20..." from 2011 to 2012. I was thinking if that is not related to old versions of MIUI.

Anyway, what suggestions you can give me to improve the performance?

Should I format the mobile? Delete everything.. and install everything again?

Please, let me know how can I do that.

Thanks for everything,