Google pay not working


May 27, 2019
Hi, I have a Max 3 running on miui 10 from China and downloaded Google manually following all instructions but somehow my Google pay doesn't seem to be working. Please help? Cheers!
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Jul 1, 2019
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Google Pay is now detecting and blocking devices with unlocked bootloaders.

I just went rounds with google support over my Mi9 not being accepted by Google Pay.
Their official response:

"I had escalated your case to our specialist team, I have received an updated. Our specialist found that your device bootloader is unlocked. I request you to please have the device bootloader locked. In order to use the Google pay app for the in-store purchase, the bootloader of the device needs to be blocked and also should have the NFC enabled on the device. Also make sure the Google pay is set as a default payment app. Please contact the device manufacturer to have the bootloader locked."