graphical glithes

Dec 23, 2013
Hey Guys

I have recently acquired a Hongmi/Red Rice and have serious issues with the graphics.
Within a minute of use the display starts flashing like you would see a CRT television/monitor from a recorded video AND the colors turn into ugly like watching a 32-bit picture on a 16-bit display.
If the glitch already occurred then rebooting does not help. It is even present in recovery or factory mode.
However if the screen saver turns off the display due to inactivity the screen sometimes returns to normal but won't last for more than a minute if I start using the device.
I have attached 2 pictures about this taken with the same camera and in same conditions. One shows regular functioning the other is about the glitch.

I have no idea what is causing this nor how to solve it.

On an unrelated topic I somehow can not install custom ROMs. I was never able to use the clockwork mod. Rooting is okay so as updating the recovery with MobileUncleTools or ROMmanager , but I was never able to reboot into cwm. The original Android recovery appeared every time. Why?

Please help me with these issues.

Thanks in advance.