Greek translation for 1.1.22


Nov 15, 2010
Howto - Οδηγίες

If you 're coming from another rom than MIUI then Wipe Data,cache and dalvik cache and then flash the chinese deoxeded base and right after my package.

If you 're coming from a previous MIUI rom then wipe only partition cache and dalvik cache and then flash as usual via recovery first the deoxeded chinese pack and then my pack

Great work...

Is there anything I can do about the alphabet next to contacts?
It is still in English. Maybe you can fix it on next release?

Ok i did it and it works.I will now upload this fix for 1.1.26
If you need it for 1.1.22 let me know and i ll give you a small zip to flash over recovery.
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You are great. It is working fine...

Do you have any idea why there is no Greek language in the Gingerbread keyboard settings ? I can put it in the net.thinkdifferent.inputmethod.latin_preferences.xml and it is working fine but for some reason the file reverts back to default and I cannot select it from Gingerbread languages.
You re not supposed to see greek language under GB languages.Just select is as input method and you ll have greek!
You are right about this.
The problem is that I want to change between English and Greek...

The translation is GREAT!!!