Hybrid ROMs: The End of Recovery/Fastboot ROMs

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Igor Eisberg

Lead Developer
Staff member
Oct 6, 2016
During this Chinese New Year holidays break from building ROMs, we could put some time into research and have developed a new format for our ROMs.
We are proud to announce the Hybrid ROMs.

Why "Hybrid"?
Well, because those ROMs are both Recovery ROMs and Fastboot ROMs, all in the same package.

How is this possible?
Normally, it isn't. Not safely, at least. Technical details aside, we'll just say that it's a custom-made solution, specifically on the recovery side of things, because AOSP never included such flashing method.

All ROMs from now on will be Hybrid ROMs. No new suffix is added to the ZIP file name, just like typical Recovery ROMs, because those are valid Recovery ROMs for OTA purposes, that just happen to also have what's necessary to flash them via Fastboot.
Flashing with recovery has the advantage due to substantial boost in flashing speed with this method (around 30 seconds on a flagship).
Cache partition is not used during that process, so cache space-related installation failures should now be abolished*.

Two ROMs in the new format have already been released: V13.0.6.0.SGKMIXM for spes/spesn, and V14.0.6.0.TKICNXM for renoir.
Stay tuned for more to come. Supported devices tables are being updated accordingly as ROMs are released.

We celebrate the end of the "who prefers what flashing method" debate. Cheers.

* The cache issue has nothing to do with the mount issues after installation is already complete. The mount issue, and "No OS installed!", can be ignored.
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