Green Tinted Screen - Display Broken?


Jun 17, 2013
yesterday the screen of my girlfriends Mi4 suddenly turned into a green tinted color mode. In my opinion it seems like the red sub-pixels are completely broken.
Its not just a software problem until also fast boot and recovery mode showing the same issue.
Because she really likes her Mi4 we're thinking about to repair it but im not completely sure if its just the screen which is broken or some kind of controller.

Does anybody have an idea about this phenomenon?

Beyond that where can I buy original replacement parts?

jc rey

Feb 15, 2016
I just replaced mine from dragon-tt, sells original at good prices.

In the meantime you can try to replug the screen cable on the motherboard to veryfy if it is due to bad contact. See tutos to replace screens before, easy to do.