Guess you guys never thought to test the mute button out huh?

May 17, 2011
Because it doesn't work.

Now, who wants to explain to the DirecTv person the line right now why I've been bitching her out while the phone was on "mute"?
That reminds me of that commercial where the people in the business meeting are trash talking their boss and the IT guy comes in to fix the mute button on the phone........

What phone are you on? It works on my nexus one, and has since I loaded 1.5.13. Maybe check your download and reflash?
HTC Incredible, been a big fan of the MIUI roms until the Gingerbread ones started rolling out but have had nothing but problems w/ them since. And for the record all the roms on Miui.US are garbage too. These here are better but just barely. The newest port here will at least let me open an app without force closing.

Yes I've done a clean wipe since you switched to Gingerbread and I've done several clean wipes over the last few weeks too to try to fix some things.
The latest one with the newest fixes is really quite solid for me (1.5.13). Initially, it lagged a bit between screens, but since I flashed the new language pack today, it is really solid and a huge improvement.

I agree the Miui gingerbread roms have had problems that the froyo ones did not, but we are running beta's so that is to be expected. Honestly it appears to me that gingerbread overall has been buggy and I have been really unimpressed with Google/AOSP with gingerbread. I had problems with CM7 initially, but the nightlies since 2.3.4 came out are fantastic and have been rock solid and I keep switching back and forth with Miui trying to decide what I like better.
Too funny.

I'm very paranoid about MUTE buttons in general.
Whenever I hit mute on any phone, I typically go "hello? can you hear me?"
Just to be doubly sure they work :)