Mi 9 change power button/volume rocker part advice


Nov 4, 2021
Power button replacement advice

I recently changed my battery as it was starting to drain overnight about 20-30%.

So after all of that I also thought I'd change my power button which has been giving me problems where it won't register or will try to restart the phone registering as being pressed. Now the power button has become worse whereby I have to press it several times for it to register. I've enabled double tap to wake but to sleep it only works when on the actual lock screen.

Does anyone know how to change the volume/power button as after a tear down I couldn't work it out and didn't want to risk damaging the phone by not following a guide. I've seen some videos of redmi note being soldered on buttons. Is this the case with the mi9? Can someone post pictures explaining how it's done please.


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