Hardware Buttons Not Working Properly Since Forever


May 6, 2017
Hi all,

I'm having these issues since I bought the phone, so I wanted to check if anyone else experiences the same problems, and also if there's a fix for them?

It's regarding hardware buttons functionality. When I initially set up my phone after buying it, I changed 2 things, and ironically it made me 3 problems. I will write changes, and under them indented will be the problems they've caused.
  1. I switched around actions of the Recents button, so that (short) press = Show menu and long press = Show recent apps.
    1. Now if I'm inside some app that has in-app menu and I hold Recents button to enter recent apps tray, it behaves as if I pressed it both short and long, because it first opens the menu, and then enters recent apps tray.
  2. I turned on the “Tap Home button to go back to Home screen”, so I can use home button as capacitive button instead of physical (just tapping the button instead of actually pressing it)
    1. When switching to One-handed mode (by swiping from home button to left or right button), it both goes to Home screen, and switches to One-handed mode.

    2. If I set the long press Home button action (for example, launch Google Now), I still need to physically press and hold Home button instead of just tapping and holding.

This gets even more ridiculous when you realize that LineageOS, a near stock version of Android, does all of those things properly (and so much more), even though it's not even the official ROM.

Has anyone else experienced the same issues? If so, is there a solution to them, or the only way is to give feedback to developers and report bug, and do I report it here to xiaomi.eu, or official MIUI forum?

Thanks in advance.