New Headphone connection - ringtone


Nov 9, 2023
The connected headset rings with the default ringtone instead of the set ringtone. If I enable "Enable speakerphone sound", the phone rings with the correctly selected ringtone, but the default tone is still heard in the headphones.
If I mute the phone, the headphones continue to ring.

I have tried connecting several BT headphones and it happens on all of them. It didn't happen on previous phones.
Redmi Note 12 Pro+, MUI 14.0.11
I have the same problem with the Xiaomi 13 Ultra with the latest OS Hyper OS1.0.6.0.UMACNXM.
I would like to have the caller names announced to me when I have connected my in-ear headphones and am, for example, cycling.
Unfortunately, it's the same for me: no matter what manufacturer/model of in-ear headphones I use, I only hear the standard ringtone of the headphones.
It works perfectly with other cell phone brands.

I've now contacted Xiaomi and we'll see what they come up with.