[HELP] Can't connect Poco X4 Pro 5g to computer or update


Jul 28, 2023
Hello, I installed the Miui 14 EU ROM on my POCO X4 Pro 5g a few months ago. (xiaomi.eu_multi_VEUX_V14.0.1.0.TKCCNXM_v14-13.zip) It probably was the VEUX version instead of the VEUXG (which was released 2 months later) version, which is why I have encountered a lot of issues.
- Some Apps keep crashing after a while or instantly
- NFC does not work at all
- Phone doesn't connect to any PC, it doesn't get detected. (Only charges, even with File transfer mode activated) Installed every USB driver I could find on my PC, still doesn't get detected. Tried on other PCs as well.
- Can't update the phone because the recovery menu does not show an update option, even if I have the ROM in my main drive or on an SD Card. Tried manually and through the update app.
how can I fix this?
any help is appreciated.
It seems like you're facing several issues after installing the MIUI 14 EU ROM on your POCO X4 Pro 5G. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve these problems:

  1. Check ROM Compatibility:
    • Ensure that you have installed the correct ROM version for your device. If you initially installed the VEUX version and encountered issues, it might be worth checking if there's an updated version or if the VEUXG version is more suitable for your device.
  2. Clean Installation:
    • Consider performing a clean installation of the ROM. This involves wiping data, cache, and system partitions before reinstalling the ROM. Make sure to back up important data before proceeding with a clean installation.
  3. Update ROM:
    • If there is a more recent version of the ROM available, try updating to that version. Follow the installation instructions provided by the MIUI community or the developers of the custom ROM.
  4. Check App Compatibility:
    • Verify that the apps you are experiencing issues with are compatible with the MIUI version you have installed. Some apps may require updates to work correctly with newer ROM versions.
  5. USB Connection Issues:
    • If your phone is not connecting to PCs, try different USB cables and USB ports. Ensure that you are using a data transfer cable and not just a charging cable. Additionally, check if your phone's USB settings are configured for file transfer.
  6. NFC Troubleshooting:
    • NFC issues might be related to the ROM compatibility. Check for specific updates or patches related to NFC for your ROM version. If the issue persists, you may want to report it to the MIUI community for further assistance.
  7. Recovery Menu Options:
    • The recovery menu might not always show the update option. Ensure that the update file is placed in the correct directory on your device or SD card. If the issue persists, you can explore alternative methods like using the MIUI Updater app or the Fastboot method for updates.
  8. Community Support:
    • Visit the MIUI community forums or XDA Developers forum for your device to seek help from the community. Developers and experienced users often share solutions and tips for common issues.
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Thanks for replying, but I wouln´t be here if ChatGPT gave helpful answers. This is my last straw