Help - Downgrade from ver5 to ver4

Sep 15, 2013
I upgraded to last ver5 miui rom but I had lags so I decided to change it back to ver 4.0 The only way to do this is to install cwm and WiUi. Partition 1: WiUi v4 3.2.22 and Partition 2: WiUi v4 3.2.22 (the same). Everything is perfect but I want to change one of the two partitions to Miui v4 3.2.22 ( from I've try many ways (from recovery console cwm v6.0.3.2) and from the updater. The installation is completed successfully BUT when I boot, the mi logo stacks at the start (white mi logo). I would like to note that I install the miui version only in partition 2 (I didn't try in partition 1). Please, help me! thank you for your time!
Sep 7, 2013
replace the boot.img and recovery folder in v4 zip file withe the latest v5 zip files . It is not recommend to downgrade form V5 to V4 once you flash the V5 .