Help! How Can I Resort To Out-of-the-box Version Prior To System Update?

Feb 11, 2015
Okay, so I just got this phone yesterday and I was super thrilled with everything, but I made the terrible mistake of updating the system and now everything has exploded:

- I can't use my phone in my language now (only chinese and english are available).
- Touchpal is no longer a keyboard option and has been substituted by a default chinese predicting keyboard and dictionary called GOOGLE PINYIN INPUT
- Google play won't open up ... OR YOUTUBE

This is ridiculous.

Is there any way to resort to the original settings before this stupid update without downloading a new ROM and all that stuff?


PS: I did a factory settings recovery and it was no good either.

UPDATE: this stupid phone doesn't allow me to even enter the apps I had previusly downloaded. What the hell can i do now?
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