[rom] Stable Android Kitkat 4.4.4 For Mi2a


Jun 1, 2014
This ROM is based on CODEAURORA KK 4.4.4 Android Multi Language (5.2.28) [link] what is fully stable and working KitKat ROM for Mi2A so almost all credits go to the Chinese author of this truly amazing ROM.

  • Everything is working
  • No Random reboots
  • Smooth & Fast
  • Huge amount of free RAM
  • Long battery life

  • the default language was changed from Chinese to English (/system/build.prop file edited)
  • fine-tuned CPU Governor (/system/etc/init.qcom.post_boot.sh file edited)
  • fine-tuned WiFi (instant notifications with/without power saving) (/system/etc/firmware/wlan/prima/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini file edited)
  • fine-tuned GPS NTP servers (/system/etc/gps.conf file edited)
  • added AOSP Browser (/system/app/Browser.apk file copied)
  • added AOSP Email (/system/app/Email.apk file copied)
  • added AOSP Exchange (/system/app/Exchange.apk file copied)
  • replaced Hola Launcher with AOSP Launcher (/system/app/Launcher3.apk file replaced)
  • replaced Chinese keyboard with AOSP Keyboard (/system/app/LatinIME.apk file replaced)
  • removed MiMarket (/system/third-app/MiMarket.apk file deleted)
  • removed 360 AntiVirus (/system/app/360AntiVirus.apk file deleted)
  • removed all kernel modules in /system/lib/modules/ directory related to removed Chinese apps

  • Is it really stable?
    Yes. This ROM is perfectly stable and is intended as your daily driver.
  • Is everything working?
  • Are there any restarts or random reboots?

  • "Unfortunately, sound search for Google Play has stopped": Delete /system/app/GoogleEars.apk (optionally install latest Sound Search for Google). This also resolves synchronization errors (this problem actually applies to gapps if you install them).

  • While MIUI alarm clocks works when phone is turned off it does not apply to AOSP Android (in general). Always leave your phone turned on if you do not want to miss your alarm.


Important: before you start flashing this ROM, you will need CWM recovery.
Grab the latest and greatest CWM Recovery R11 UPDATE 1 for Mi2a by Furniel and install from MiRecovery to "System 1":
URGENT: all alternative non-MIUI ROMs always install to "System 1" and don't forget to wipe user data (your SD card data will stay there)!!! If you enable TDB (True Dual Boot) in CWM Recovery - which means separate data partition for System 1 and System 2 - your SD card will be WIPED.
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Great. But how come do you get long battery life out of this rom? Mine is like 2 hours max SOT, usually less. Also, there are some rare, random reboots.
What's worrying me most, though, is the battery life. I can see a huge battery drain, even though I use Greenify, Amplify and Power Nap.

Wysłane z mojego MI 2A
What's the ROM are you running?

I never measured the exact SOT but in comparison to MIUI v5 it lasts longer (2 days instead of 1 day) with "normal usage". I guess it is because background services no longer permanently restart since there is a enough free RAM to run fore ground apps.
Hmm... I'm using Codeaurora 5.2.28 (the original version), though I would like to try this one :)
Previously, I was on MIUI 7, and the battery life seemed more or less the same to me, though the drain was less noticeable.
Maybe it's simply a faulty battery in my case.

Wysłane z mojego MI 2A
I never head a single reboot with CodeAurora 5.2.28. Also nobody at 4pda.ru and miui.es reported random reboots with this ROM.

Do you use Xposed or GravityBox? Did you wipe user data after flashing the ROM?
Yes, I use both Xposed and GravityBox. However, I didn't wipe user data after flashing the rom, I only did it right before flashing, along with wiping dalvik, cache, and system format.

Wysłane z mojego MI 2A
Wiping user data before flashing should have been ok.

However, while Xposed and GravityBox are powerful tools, disable both if you want to have 100% stable phone (then you can enable each tweak one by one and find out what's causing reboots).

P.S. I've updated ROM (Chinese kernel modules were removed).
Have you got the same problem with me ?
"install update.zip failed!
update.zip signature verification failed"
thank you for your feedback
You have to use CWM Recovery as mentioned in the first post. It will not work with MiRecovery (none alternative ROM will).
Oup's, I made a mistake again.
I was talking about Redmi 2A.

In fact, I don't find any solution for my redmi 2A... :(
Hi, I'm using this rom and it's very fast and smooth, I like it very much, but I have often random reboot, in particular using some applications (such as Forza Football, that used to work fine with miui).

I had miui 7 and then I flashed miui5 with fastboot, flashed cwm, wiped and flashed codeaurora.
I've updated ROM in the first post (*no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* replaced back to AOSP Camera since *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* panorama does not work well when installed as system app).

I am using this CodeAurora ROM since October 1 2015 with no random reboots and 250+ apps installed. Please make sure you are not using Xposed and GravityBox.
Hi topmiuier,

I have Miui 7 installed and want to try this ROM but I'm not able to install CWM with Mi Recovery 2.0.1. How can I install CWM in order to install this ROM? Which is the best/cleanest way to install this ROM? Thanks
What do you exactly mean by "I'm not able to install CWM with Mi Recovery 2.0.1." If CWM Recovery does not appear after restart then pull out the battery as soon as you finish flash procedure of the recovery (do not soft restart).
I mean that when trying to install it, I received an error. I tried different CWM but no way, every time I try I receive an error.
If you can't flash CWM in MiRecovery, you'll have to flash it from the bootloader, using ADB terminal.
The command you have to type in ADB is fastboot flash recovery C:\recovery.img
(or the exact location where you unziped the CWM recovery)