New High peaks battery consumption when using phone (MIUI 12, lavender)


Aug 3, 2020
I'm using MIUI 12.0 stable ROM on my Redmi Note 7 (lavender)
I like the ROM since the it is fast and stable, but I noticed a higher RAM consumption than the one on Miui 11 Global/EU and, most important, very weird high peaks in battery usage onscreen: through AccuBattery, I noticed that when I'm using my phone the consumption can reach very high values (sometimes even above -1200 mAh!); more usually they are around -450 and - 800 mAh, even though I'm just scrolling homescreen and the brightness is very low - in sum, I'm not performing high-level tasks.
When this not happens, usually values are around -250 mAh (I don't know if they should be even lower), sometimes even around -40mAh.
On the other hand, so far battery consumption with screen off seems pretty good, about -0,5/-0,4% per hour.
So I'm asking: how could I fix the "on screen" problem and what is causing it?

The pic below just shows an example of one of those high values, persisting during usage time.


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