Hongmi WCDMA becoming really hot!! Help!

Mar 6, 2014
This problem persisted on all the roms I used, but yesterday iupdated to Stable 15 and thw problem becamer really serious. Battery drains fast as hell and phone heats up in minutes, that morning, i took my phone to turn off the alarm and it was extremly hot.
Is it because of the Rom of I do something wrong ? i'm just afraid it could blow in my hand or pocket, or burn while I will be sleeping.
P.S.As far as I wrote this my battery lost 2% :(


Jun 2, 2014
Updating from one ROM to another, especially from a Chinese ROM to a Multilanguage one, without wiping data, usually causes similar problems.

If the problem persists, make a backup using the MIUI built-in application, and wipe data/factory reset the phone. Use the phone for a couple of hours without restoring the old settings. If it does not get hot as usual, then there is a conflict in your current settings. You may then try to partially restore old settings, until you find out which one causes the problem.

To be on the safe side, copy the backup folder (e.g. MIUI/backup/AllBackup/12-00-00_01-06-2014) to your computer, to be able to restore settings even in the case something goes wrong and your device gets completely wiped out.

You could also fully backup your phone using SP Flash Tool and the "Readback (F10)" option, and reflash it with "Xiaomi Hongmi WCDMA - unbrick 5.0.zip". Use the original JHBCNAL5.0 ROM to check the behaviour, then wipe data/factory reset and upgrade to the latest Multilanguage JHBCNBD15.0 ROM. You may then try carefully to partially restore old settings.