New Bugs Miui V6 (multi 5.5.15) Redmi 1s Wcdma

Jul 1, 2014
I've used the weekly updates of MIUI V6 on my Redmi 1S WCDMA for several weeks now.
I came from MIUI V5 v50 and updated fom SD-card using TWRP If did a factory reset to get a fresh start.

My biggest problems until now are:
  1. Freezes of up to 20 seconds (Facebook, aCalendar, Candy Crush Soda, CM Browser, etc.)
    Even unable to answer calls, but I can here it ringing!!
  2. Sudden battery drain (which seems to be related to the freezes).
    Sometimes I have over 10% left and within minutes it's empty.
  3. Heating issues during the "freezes". Backside gets really warm/hot.
    Seems simular to the issue while I used MIUI V5!!
  1. How are the experiences of other users with the same phone?
  2. Does anybody have a "snappy" version running?
  3. Any suggestions on what to do?
    Already did a factory reset (again) and cleared cache/dalvik after each update.
I love the new changes in V6 (lockscreen notifications, better battery life if no drain), but this is not how it should be.

I hope someone from the devs can look into this or at least respond to the issues.