In Progress Honor 8860 cannot connect to gsm network (no service)


Mar 24, 2012

After installing the released rom today for my honor...I can not get the phone to connect to my gsm provider network...I can not make or receive calls.

I tried to select gsm 3g and 2g under network type and they are unselectable.

please help
Have you double checked your APN settings?

Google "Phone carrier APN settings", and ensure they match.
I can't put any APN in the phone. It doesn't store/save the apn settings when i put it manually in.
I had the exact same problem, I used to have my SIM card without PIN-code, so I turned the PIN back on and restarted the phone -> registering the network = WIN. Dno what is the problem behind this.
It didn't worked out with the new rom (miui multi 2.6.1).
It look like that their is no communication with the SIM card.
Even with the pincode set it doesn't work.
This might work :

Open the dialer and give in this : *#*#4636#*#*

Select phone information.
In the list that comes up is the SET PREFERED NETWORK TYPE option.
Choose that one and test another option ( there is quite a list ;) )

I've used it to test on having 2g only , 3g pref. and 3g only
( a late miui GB only gave me 2g and 3g pref. with 3g not working ... )
running 2.6.1 with b919 base

imei : unknown
phone number : unknown
no service

sad ... plis help
Tried all the various GSM modes under the *#*#4636#*#* option ?

Even then it's really weird that there is even no imei...