Hot reboots when phone is plugged in (computer or AC)

Dec 28, 2010
Since 1.6.24 I have a disturbing problem!!!
As I plug my phone in usb, computer or AC, and when screen turns off, the phone reboots at the bootanimation.
If I set "don't turn off screen when plugged" it's ok.
I know it's a problem from chinese version but maybe someone knows how avoiding this problem?
hey man! I experience the same problem with my HTC DESIRE at the moment, and I wonder if you could explain further what you mean with compilation problem? I also wonder if get the same error when you try to push the "phone" button...
Actually not. The problem came from the compilation I made using an "android.policy.jar" integrating 2 mods inside it but it was corrupted for using with this version of MIUI. No reboots and no problems after replacing this file. I didn't get FC.
I don't think you've got the same problem than me.
Disabling authorizing management in superuser, or give to your sms application and all the applications which make problems the total rights, "always accept"