How are we to distinguish genuine from fake?

Oct 30, 2013
You can't be sure until you get it unless you are buying from a trusted source.

Once you have it you can test the code that comes on the back of the box on the official xiaomi w/site. Also you should d/l an app to show the specs of the phone and compare them to the info in many threads on here. The main giveaway of a fake is the screen res which should be 720 x 1280 pixels with 320dpi.

I live in China and there are loads of fakes here. My friend wants to get one but he is finding it impossible to get one off the official site and has found that so many of the sellers are selling the fake versions.

They sell the fakes as genuine hongmi for a high price and also they also sell the fake version as a totally different phone with a different name, the "different-fake" sells for about 4-500RMB which is only $65-80.

If you consider the profit margins you can see why there are so many fakes around!
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