How come the .mtz file i made wont apply properly?


Nov 18, 2010
i made a test icon pack combing different icons and making it into an .mtz file and all that through zip decomplie and rrecompile but no luck i want to make a zorsha pack so bad plz help
Did you create the right folder structure, description.xml and name the icons correctly?

You can just create a folder on your desktop and create the right structure, then .zip it and then change the extension to .mtz
No need to decompile and recompile. Just change the extension.
yea i did at least i think it did but i cant get it to work i was trying to upload kowalski's signa community zip i was modifying for practice but i dont think i can upload mtz on here. i want to make it so someone can check if im doing it right or what .