How hard will it be to go back if I don't like it?


Jun 17, 2011
Ok this is the first rom I have looked at trying that requires me to format recovery and boot partitions. If I do this; Will I be able to go back to my other roms should I choose to? I don't want to break my HTC CDMA Desire. If there is no getting back the boot or recovery partitions then I had better leave this alone.

Thanks for any feedback
Simply flash the old hboot and recovery back.. the way in is also the way out.

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Thanks for the reply; however your sig shows that you use GSM desire and these are two different breed of phones when it comes to mods and roms. For instance you can turn S-On; I cannot. It isn't done through h-boot on CDMA phones.

I'm just being extra cautious. I wouldn't have ever rooted my phone if I had known the real truth about it when All my research lead me to believe I would be able to make a backup prior to flashing the phone with the root process. I have learned a lot since then but still upset about that first experience. And I have tried most of the limited supply of roms available to CDMA phones and none are as good as the stock sense ui.

The screen shots look sharp and I am interested to see if I will like this mod any better but I need to know for certain before I try it. Has anyone with CDMA used the MIUI and gone back to other rom successfully?
i guess these are fundamental differences.. with gsm, its very easy to unroot also. cant u get the official htc ruu and install? . is this not an option on cdma? just wondering.

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