How to auto arrange (sort) icons on MIUI


Aug 3, 2012
Greetings !!

As um a Nobie yet
i just duno how to auto arrange my MIUI icons
after i made some changes still the icons shows un organized
and i have to organize it manually
there's no sorting feature in this rom ??
i'd like to sort icons by name/most used/ or wateva sorting options
can anybody help me with it ?
You can't. There's no such feature. You can however shake your phone in screen edit mode. This will arrange messed icons in one row without spaces between.

Wysłane z mojego Nexus S
thank u dear
it's good to kno that i can arrange the messed icons by shakin d fone only
but still i need to sort it alphabetically
no one here can mod it ??
Sorry. No mod for MiHome yet. The sources for MiHome apk are not public so its very hard to make a mod.
But you can always install different home launcher like Apex Launcher Pro from Google Play. It has icon sorting by names and popularity.