How to install custom boot animation from .zip in MIUI 1.7.1 ?


Jul 10, 2011
Hello everybody,
I'm new MIUI user (Motorola Defy). How can I change boot animation to custom, from my backed up (as in stock ROM) file? I tried to copy it to /system/media but there is no result. I tried Boot Animation Changer LITE from Android Market, but it was'n work (Didn't see installed with MIUI animation). I tried to change file extension from .zip to .mtz and copy file to SD card, to /MIUI/themes - no result... I can only download and install animations from theme manager. Please help!

Haven't done it with MIUI

But, when I install a .zip boot animation on CM7, I copy to data/local--Nandroid first
Was this question ever answered or figured out?

/system/media/ with permissions of 644 if you just want to overwrite it, unless the moto defy has a different filesystem location to other miui roms.
Just go install "theme manager" and press "edit theme settings" and click on the first tab "boot animation" and press "online animations" and download one of them, install the theme, bam, reset your phone and you'll see it.