how to install miuiandroid_2.7.6 rom LOCKED bootloader phone?


Jun 13, 2012
Hello :)

I have a Xperia ARC S phone with Locked bootloader (hungary locked sim modell (t-mobile))

how to install miuiandroid 2.7.6 rom the phone?

i know it can be because miui-hu rom working! and do it this.

miui-hu link:

Sorry low english language, I'm not very good :(
Just pull the boot.img out of the zip. Flash the ZIP, then do

"adb reboot bootloader"
"fastboot flash boot boot.img"

To do those commands you need the Android SDK. Run the commands from the place there at using command prompt, or use them globally by adding them to the Environment VARs (windows) or PATH on Unix.

Put that boot.img in that area too so the 2nd command will work.
fastboot not running while locked bootloader -.- and so not flash boot.img :S