How to make VoWifi work.


Nov 14, 2020
Hi, I'm using Xiaomi 12 and I want to use VoWifi. I'm in Poland right now and VoWifi logo that used to appear next to signal logo when I was in my own country went missing. I already try *#*#869434#*#* but the logo still now showing. I have another phone which have the same problem (Mi 10T) but I manage to make it work by using this code to change the config (*#*#663368378#*#*) and it work on Mi 10T. VoWifi logo appears on Mi 10T and I was able to make a call with airplane mode. But it isn't same on Xiaomi 12, the config was different. So is anyone know how to make it work?

- The network that my sim choose is Orange
- I'm pretty sure both my phone and carrier (Orange PL) support VoWifi since I was able to use it on Mi 10T and I was able to use VoWifi on Xiaomi 12 when I was in my own country.
- My carrier (Not Orange) support VoWifi and already enabled it.
- Using MIUI EU Global rn
- Try *#*#869434#*#* but it still now show VoWifi logo on Xiaomi 12