How to remove message counter?


Mar 25, 2011
I have a question. I'm using Go Sms on my Desire, and what bugs me is the fact that the built-in messageapp has a counter on it in the corner which there is no place in the settings where I can tick it off. Does anyone have a clue on how to remove it? I tried hiding it in a folder, but then the counter comes up on the entire folder.. In e.g. adw and others you can easily turn it off but not in MIUI. I'm using the latest 1.4.1 with english languagepack 1c btw.
A couple of things you can try. I don't know if they will work:
- In the standard SMS app, settings, make sure Notifications is turned off.
- Preferences: Settings: Program Settings: Default Programs: Default SMS, try to choose Go sms.
Thanks for your reply, but I've already tried those two options and the don't work for me. Is there a way to get back the old sms app which was white, only reason I use go is the iphone look of it and hate the built-in black in 1.4.1.

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Sorry my advice didn't help.

I think eventually people will start to theme the new sms app. Then you should be able to find what you want. You could try it now in Theme Manager: Edit: Text Style: Online: Latest. I suspect, though, that even the latest online themes may not theme the new SMS app properly.

If you are up for an adventure you could try unzipping an older MIUI ROM on your computer and moving the SMS app from that to your phone. The free ES File Explorer app can help with this. You have to go into the settings in ES File Explorer and set read-write access.