HTC Desire HD - Newbie Question


Feb 9, 2013
Got my phone on Jellybean and Miui 3.2.1
Got notification that update was available to Miui on my phone and to download, which I did, update was codenamed Watermelon. Anyway after rebooting it error's out, in the past this has been due to a shortage of space on SD card so I normally manually download it, delete old update.Zip file and copy over new one.
On this occasion I can't locate the update specific for 3.2.8 on the miui site or here? Am I missing something? Does the current software on my phone just detect a new version available but not for specific phones?

Android version 4.1.2
Miui version 3.2.1
Ota Updater on phone advises it will be updated to Miui Jellybean by hnkumar to 3.2.8

Any help appreciated.