HTC EVO 4G Where to Download? - Help Please -

Feb 17, 2011
Maybe I am being dense but I cannot find a download link to the nightly builds of MIUI or any version over 1.2.11. Can somebody point me in the right direction? I am using 1.2.11 but was just curious if a newer version is availalbe.
Okay, thank you. I had to search pretty deep in Google to find that version. This is probably the best ROM I have ever tried. My battery life has tripled since initial install two days ago. Thanks for the help, I just wanted confirmation that I was doing it right. Once I installed a different kernal everything on my phone is working excellent. I am new to Droids (former blackberry user here) and I must say having used Linux for years, I am very pleased with what that mighty kernal can do. Keep up the good work guys, excellent ROM!
And there are no nightlys, a new version of miui is released every friday and the date is the version number. (2.11= Feb. 11th and the next one will be named 2.18)
New versions for the EVO are released in the EVO section of this forum.....You shouldn't need to search to hard to find it. Newest release is always a sticky towards the top of that section.