Huge Issue After Flashing - No Response To Any Key

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  1. ManuelG.


    Dec 12, 2016

    i have a big problem with my MiMax Prime (64gb)

    1. I unlocked the Phone with the xiaomi tool after i got the authorisation email.
    2. I flashed twpr.
    3. I did a data wipe
    4. Noticed that i forgot to restart after the unlocking process...
    5. So I downloaded the developer ROM to unlock the bootloader correctly
    6. I flashed the ROM with automatical reboot.
    7. Device does not start, react to any button or blink while connected to the charger.
    8. I searched for the reason and noticed that i downloaded the 32GB ROM which is for the lower spec MiMax.....

    So what can i do now? The device does not respond to anything, PC does not notice it when i connect it with usb..


  2. ManuelG.


    Dec 12, 2016
    After some research on different sites i found this:

    1. Download the MiFlash BETA !!
    2. Download the Fastboot ROM for your phone.
    3. Install the MiFlash Beta
    4. Unpack the Fastboot ROM
    5. Run MiFlash as Administor
    6. Connect your Phone to the PC and push Power and Vol. down until you heat the usb connecting sound (even if the phone still does not respond to anything)
    7. Click refresh in MiFlash
    8. If your phone is shown as COM XX (XX=any no.) click on select and root to the path of the unpacked fastboot ROM
    9. Click on flash and wait till it finishes.
    10. Unplug the phone from PC
    11. Hold Powerbutton until the phone reboots. (This takes a little while as the new ROM will be installed)

    This fixed my issue if anyone finds this threat via google.

    Now ill give the unlock and flash another try ;)
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