Huge Issue With New Rom

Oct 2, 2016
hi everyone. yesterday i wanted to update to MIUI 8 with my mi4c. i want to give you a quick overview what i did and what my problem is
- I got the new stable version and used the updater to install it
-> everything involved with the permission manager stopped working. whatsapp could not access my contacts, not a single app could access gps, etc etc. i did check the permission manager several times, everything was setup correct
- ok maybe a but with the permission manager so i decided to switch to the dev ROM
-> phone does a complete reset and now i have to authenticate with my mi account

ok here are my problems
- i dont know my password anymore. i dont have a working phone to receive the verification sms. when i try to reset it at the xiaomi homepage it finds my account and then tells me my account does not exist (see attachment). i contacted the customer service which turned out useless
- i can not use the recovery mode because it is stuck with a screen that i should charge my phone. but it is fully charged. what kind of bullshit is this?
- i can not use miflash because it tells me my phone is locked.

my favorite solution would be to go back to MIUI 7 where everything was working, i had no weird china ROM with all the weird apps etc. please help me solve this issue