1. raul1ro

    New [Mi4C][MIUI 10 v8.7.19] Phone turn off randomly

    Today I upgraded my Mi4c from MIUI 9 to MIUI 10 and it start to turn off (only when use it) randomly, even at over 90% battery. After it turns off I can open it only if plug in for charging. And after start, the battery is not low, it is at same level like before turns off. Sometime when turn...
  2. W

    Bug Keyboard Snapchat

    in these new roms of the mi4c, in the stable as in the beta, of the miui 9 the keyboard google or any other is bugando in the application snapchat, he has time that does not appear to add a legend, or it takes a lot to appear, here it is entering? on the rest open normal keyboard. Anyone else...
  3. R

    Mi4c_v8.5.1.0.nxkcned To Mi4c_v9.1.2.0.nxkcnei

    Hello fellow Xiaomi EU fans, My girlfriend her Xiaomi Mi4c was on an old China rom back in June. In June I’ve unlocked het bootloader, installed the latest TWRP and flashed the latest Xiaomi EU Stable ROM (MI4c_V8.5.1.0.NXKCNED_v8-7.0). I would like to keep her phone updated and I saw that a...
  4. W

    Battery Lineage 15 Android 8

    Anyone who is already tested on this rom, can you tell me how much screen time can you get on it? What if the camera app is working? I wanted to test her but I want a comment from someone first, why I will have to install everything again kkkk
  5. dushan135

    Mi4c Battery

    Can anyone know a online place to buy original mi4c battery (BM35) ? I am from Sri Lanka.
  6. F

    New Updater Bugs

    Hi, I have a Mi4c with the 7.9.21 version of the MIUI 9. I have a problem with the OTA updates you introduce in the last two or three versions: the Updater sends me the notification that a new version is available, but when I start the download, in a few minutes it stops (between 0 and 5%) and...
  7. T

    Facing Issues After Installing Miui V9 Latest Rom

    I was using the v8.2.1.0 v8-5.1 rom for a long time.Earlier today I have installed the latest v9 rom through TWRP following a basic factory reset.since then every time I try to reboot to system, it comes back to the twrp mode.The version of twrp is 3.0.3-0.Even I tried install the previous rom...
  8. W

    [bottloop] Miui 9 Beta 7.8.17 Don't Work In Mi4c

    Can someone help me? I can not install miui 9 beta, my mi4c is installed on miui 8.1.2 stable with android 5.1, I installed rom via TWRP with the necessary wipes, but the cell phone goes into bootloop, so I installed miui 8.1.2 again. How do i install miui 9 beta correctly?
  9. J

    Reinstalling App From Apk, Older Version Instead Of Newer

    hi guys, some app I'm using had updates and those new versions are not great so I decided to to rollback - it saves app data without uninstall/install. and encountered in strange issue, it didn't work. after some time I tried to install another app's older version from apk and it worked. I...
  10. K

    Play Store Under

    Hi guys... What about your experiences with the new release ? Maybe it is only a problem of my Mi4c.... after updating to actual release the play shop is starting but updating and downloading of installed and new apps failed... Someone else with same ? Regards Karsten
  11. wiseredmonkey

    Ghost Touch Unrepairable By ******* Warranty Repair :( Please Help.

    Bought MI-4C on April 2016 for 209.99 $ from ******* and all was good until touchscreen started to feel ghosts at January 2017, in other words issue known as ghost screen. Ghost screen makes renders touchscreen and phone unusable due to random touches, almost like AI but more like unusable...
  12. E

    Options To Update

    Hi guys, I'm currently using MIUI I haven't updated my phone. Never. I just wanted to check that it was ok after some months of use to not lose the guaranty just in case. And also this version brings a lot of virus and it's quite annoying. If I want to update from this version to...
  13. juanKarl

    Chrome Crashes In My Mi4c

    Hi, I've used my mi4c with Xiaomi.eu ROM based on Android 5 for a while. Everything worked perfectly but Chrome browser crashes frequently. Several times every time I had to search something in the web. I knew Xiaomi was working on a Nougat based version of Miui for this device, so I decided to...
  14. R

    Warming Problems

    Hello, first of all thank you in advance for the help. The problem with my terminal is that it heats up or overheats a lot in little use "play or browse" and the version change system to solve the problem, but the heating continues. The version I brought is MIUI Global 8.0 / Stable (False)...
  15. J

    I Can't Access Recovery Mode

    Hello, I unlocked my xiaomi mi4c through the official method and installed it the "xiaomi.eu_multi_libra_5.10.22_v7-5.1" Rom, after that I installed the 7.3.9 version for the xiaomi mi4c, and to do that i had to update the twrp to the version and installed without problems. The problem I...
  16. Risuno

    Bricked Phone. Tried A Lot Of Stuff But Couldn't Fix It. Help Please :(

    Ok, I could imagine this is a tough one: I had problems with my GPS, so I wanted to get root access. Contacted Xiaomi to unlock my phone: worked fine. Next up to get it rooted, I installed a fresh version of the TWRP recovery, since the old one for some reason disappeared after I installed the...
  17. B

    Cannot Unlock Phone And Mi Flash Not Working...

    Hi I've upgraded my phone to xiaomi.eu_multi_MI4c_7.2.23_v8-7.0 (with TWRP as i had unlocked my phone in an unofficial way by installing some older dev rom because had the 50% bug when doing it the official way. I was using other romes before like CM 13.1 and AICP. But after upgrading to this...
  18. S

    Unlock At 50% - Couldn't Verify Device

    Hi. I need a little help here. I had and old version I think it was MIUI 8.2 or something like that with Android 5.1 and bootloader unlocked with command (before they block the hard way with the SMS) I have upgrade to MIUI 8.3 (from this post: 7-2-23-24.38808) and I follow this guide: First...
  19. DBdesmo

    My Experience In Bootloader Unlocking

    Dear all, I would like to share with you my experience in unloking bootloader process after nougat update. I applied for the unlock authorization at least 1 year ago and I recieved the approval SMS after becoming a diamond member and after 1 month from the request. I unlocked many redmi note 3...
  20. bayu_putra

    Mi 4c Run Slow And Hot After Upgrading To Miui Stable Version 8.2

    Hi all, just upgrading my Mi4c via TWRP from (most stable i think.. ) to the latest stable, but it getting worst, its getting slow and hot cpu temp, any of you facing the same issue ? (rollback to and the problem solved).