I Can't Download Documents With Xiaomi.eu_6.3.17

Jan 20, 2016

I have installed the rom 6.3.17 from xiaomi.eu, and when I tried to download a pdf or pictures from Chrome or Dropbox, i received this message "Turn on Documents in Settings>installed apps first". This app was disabled after instal the rom. I have enabled it, and now it try to start download but doesn't work. I have checked to download a zip and work perfectly. Also in Navegador app downloads work fine.

Anyone have this problem? Why app documents is disabled after install rom?
Oct 28, 2015
Hi, I have the same problem with Redmi Note 2 running 3.17 ROM. If I try to download a file to the local device from Dropbox I receive the same error. I don't have any permissions pertaining to file access listed in security manager for Dropbox, and there is no app called "Documents" under installed apps.